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Vaping is a word derived from “vaporizing” as opposed to “smoking.” You don’t burn anything; e liquid becomes very hot and turns into vapor. So what kind of products create this effect? Here are some types of vapor products you might have already seen or might one day be eager to learn more about. The list here consists of introductory, intermediate, and advanced devices plus a few accessories. Some people never get past the first category and they are very happy there.

First Category

That initial section is comprised of cigalikes and eGos. The cigalike or mini cig resembles a cigarette closely. The battery must be small in order to accommodate a skinny, short tube, so it only lasts a few hours. One might puff for three or four hours on a mini cig and, if it is disposable, he will recycle the battery. It can’t be refilled or reused in any way. Rechargeable systems are better value and better for the environment.

Rechargeable mini cigs are sold with compatible cartridges which hold e juice. This is heated by a small coil. It is possible to buy e cig starter kits which provide empty cartridges you fill and refill with e liquid, again to reduce waste and to cut the cost of e liquid. Puff on the cartridge tip to heat your e juice and make the tip glow.

An eGo enlarges the dimensions of a mini cig to those of a cigar, but it operates similarly. Some mini cigs are button-operated, but almost all eGos start heating when you press a button. Cartridges are sometimes clear, sometimes covered, and batteries last from 5 or 6 hours on a charge to an entire day. As well as multiple colors, also available for mini cigs, there are variable voltage varieties. They allow one to regulate battery voltage the entire time they are puffing. USB e cigs allow you to plug into a laptop and continue vaping.

Second Category

APVs or Advanced Personal Vaporizers, fall into their own section because they are not seriously advanced but a little more powerful and potentially difficult to operate than beginners’ e cigs. The battery is often a separate item, a high-drain cell with up to 15W capacity. A few such items feature small screens. Mostly, they are notable for their higher output and their compatibility with rebuildable atomizer tanks (RTAs). These are tanks which come apart. The coil head is accessible so one can remove the whole head and replace it. This is more economical than the other method but also allows ones to swap resistance for a higher or lower value to produce more heat and bigger clouds. Some APVs are adjustable; some are not. They automatically become hotter and reach higher output based on the coil resistance and e juice you are using.

Third Category

Vape Mods, often box style devices, are for advanced users only. They feature on/off buttons, plus/minus buttons, multiple modes (temperature control and variable wattage), and are best suited to sub ohm coils. A whole section of tanks and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDAs) was developed just for this style of machine which can reach from 20W to more than 200W.

Mechanical Mods are not regulated. They are sometimes more dangerous to use, especially if you are irresponsible and over-stress the battery. Behave responsibly and there is nothing to fear. Regulated mods contain a chipset which acts like the protective brain, detecting and avoiding danger. Sub ohm tanks for advanced mods frequently feature rebuildable coil decks, allowing experienced individuals to build their own coil, not just replace the head. Multiple mouthpiece styles are available.

E Juice

You can’t do much vaping without e juice. New legislation has led to clearer labelling, so you should see the best-before date, nicotine content, ingredients, and a batch or lot number on each childproof bottle. Higher VG ratios are meant for complex coils rated for sub ohm, high-watt systems. Lower VG ratios indicate an e liquid which can be used in virtually any system with any coil setup. For more on what’s going on with the FDA, check out our article on it here.

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